Book recommendation list Part II

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at
Fri Mar 14 21:35:33 EST 2003

>Irina said...
>  > The middle volume of the Arrows trilogy has graphic sex and gratuitous
>>  violence (torture). I'd hesitatingly recommend it to daughters of mine
>>  (who I know should be well-inoculated when they're in their teens) but
>>  not to anyone else's teenage children unless I knew their sensitivities
>  > and reading experience very well.
>Dorian replied

>Urr, wouldn't that be the last volume?  The middle one is all with the being
>snowed in and the fairly tasteful First Sexual Experience.  And I wouldn't
>have said the torture in Book 3 was all *that* graphic, really.  IIRC
>there's a little beginning bit and then a skipped over part that ends with
>something like "when they crushed her feet, she couldn't even scream".  I'll
>grant you that I wouldn't push that book, alone, on a teen - but if, say, a
>14-year-old had read the first book and enjoyed it, I'd pass on books 2 and
>3, with the warning (to teen and parents) that the other two contain stuff
>that might be uncomfortable.
Actually, I found the middle one with the being snowed in and 
"tatseful" first sexual experience not very tasteful.  When I, as a 
13 year old with absolutely no sexual experience could see a picture 
in my head of what was happening, I decided it was too graphic.  I 
recommended the book later to someone, but I put post-it notes over 
that part and told the person that he could remove them, but he 
should feel warned.
Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for 
eventually it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel
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