Book recommendation list Part II

Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Fri Mar 14 18:53:09 EST 2003

 --- hannibal at wrote: > 

> I agree about Penelope Farmer and the Castle of Bone, incidentally -
> but has anyone read her 'The Year King'? I've been looking for it for
> quite a while, especially as it seems to deal with Temporary Kings
> (obDWJ), which are a bit of an obsession with me ever since I wrote
> that Tam Lin/Red Shift article. (No - it really goes back to reading
> Mary Renault's 'The King Must Die' when I was about 12, thinking
> about it...) 

I've read The Year King and was underwhelmed - I'm afraid I don't even
have a copy going spare as it went straight to a charity shop. IIRC it
doesn't really deal with the Temporary Kings issue much, but really
only with the rivalry between the two brothers.

I love Mary Renault, by the way. Can we squeeze her on to the
recommende reads list somehow?! (Well, there is a sort of brief time
travel sequence in The Mask of Apollo - my favourite.)


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