Book recommendation list Part II

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Fri Mar 14 16:03:18 EST 2003

Another addition:

Charles Butler!  Brit, presumably, but I'm open to correction. :-)

I just got _Calypso Dreaming_ this afternoon and could hardly put it 
down until I'd finished it.  Wonderfully chilling - sort of 
_Coraline_ crossed with Monigan, but not even remotely in a copying 
sort of way.  I even managed to keep it away form Becca, who saw it 
on the table, and was all set to take it with her as she went over to 
spend the night with a friend!  I couldn't have stood the suspense.

>This is strictly a first draft, brainstorming session.  The next part is the
>giant free-for-all where everyone argues for or agin individual books.  I'm
>a little leery of including Mercedes Lackey, myself, and a few others, but
>I'm saving that commentary for later.

Youch.  Can I leave the virtual country when the free-for-all breaks 
out?  Or should I just be my usual argumentative self, as there are 
more than a few I wouldn't recommend if paid for it. :-/

>So, yes, add away.  And thanks for the pronunciation of Eoin--I had no idea.

It's not exactly intuitive!  I think it must have become more popular 
in recent years, as I never knew one person spelled that way in 
school/uni.  When I see Eoin, my mind always wants to start an e- 
sound of some sort.
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