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Irina said...

> On Wednesday 12 March 2003 23:04, Dorian E. Gray wrote:
> > I prefer Penelope Farmer's "A Castle of Bone" to "Charlotte
> > Sometimes", though it's much less well-known.
> Yes! Yes! My copy, an old Puffin, is falling apart (quite a feat for old
> Puffins).

Omygod, someone else who knows this book!  Isn't it just so cool?!
> > I'd be inclined to limit the Mercedes Lackey recommendation to the
> > "Arrows" trilogy and maybe "The Last Herald-Mage" trilogy (depending
> > on reader's/parents' prejudices).
> The middle volume of the Arrows trilogy has graphic sex and gratuitous
> violence (torture). I'd hesitatingly recommend it to daughters of mine
> (who I know should be well-inoculated when they're in their teens) but
> not to anyone else's teenage children unless I knew their sensitivities
> and reading experience very well.

Urr, wouldn't that be the last volume?  The middle one is all with the being
snowed in and the fairly tasteful First Sexual Experience.  And I wouldn't
have said the torture in Book 3 was all *that* graphic, really.  IIRC
there's a little beginning bit and then a skipped over part that ends with
something like "when they crushed her feet, she couldn't even scream".  I'll
grant you that I wouldn't push that book, alone, on a teen - but if, say, a
14-year-old had read the first book and enjoyed it, I'd pass on books 2 and
3, with the warning (to teen and parents) that the other two contain stuff
that might be uncomfortable.

> > Anne McCaffrey's "Dragonsong" and "Dragonsinger".(American)
> Not "Dragondrums"? Only one sex scene, mostly implied and very
> tastefully done (if that's the one with Sebell on the boat).

I've never much liked "Dragondrums"; it's all about Piemur, pretty much, and
I like him *much* better as a secondary character than as the protag.  Also,
I think Menolly's far more the type of character to appeal to a teen -
especially a female teen - so a reader might be disappointed if they thought
"Dragondrums" was going to continue her story, because it doesn't really.

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