On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Otter Perry ottertee at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 14 10:43:41 EST 2003

Gili Bar-Hillel wrote:

> If you think THAT'S impossible to pronounce, my roommate's surname was "Ng".
> No vowels. You should have heard her trying to order pizza.

Ah, but there are parts of the world -- outside of Viet Nam -- where there
are lots of Ngs.  And one of the wonderful things about having a two-letter
last name is that many mass-mailing companies automatically delete two-
letter surnames because, usually, they're the result of mistakes or typos.

I had a sales clerk yesterday named Dunayath.  I asked her about the
ethnicity of her last name.  She identified herself as Mexican and said
her mother made it up.  I thought it was rather cool.
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