On changing names - about as OT as you can get

Otter Perry ottertee at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 14 10:22:48 EST 2003

Margaret Ball wrote:

> It's a lot simpler. I didn't change my name when I got married because I
> was already old and crabby enough to be perturbed about the way many of
> my female friends from college days had vanished - if I wasn't around
> when they married and didn't make a note of the new name, they were
> unfindable. Since then I've discovered the side benefit that when I
> answer the phone and the caller says, "Mrs. Zoraster?" I know this is
> somebody who doesn't know me very well and who is probably selling
> something.

Mmmmm ... Wherever you went to college is different from where I went
to college.  My alumni magazine keeps me up to date on name changes
if people bother to report them.

Having a name you don't use is very handy for screening calls.  My
sister, a widow since 1989, still has her phone listed in her husband's
name.  When people call for him ... well, it's a useful screening device.
The family is all trained to assess these calls.  If it sounds like it
might be genuine, they'll say, 'He's not available.  Would you like to
speak to Mrs. R____?'  And keeping the old listing helped very much 
when his son from a previous marriage decided he wanted to make contact.

So now my sister has step-grandchildren and all kinds of fun.
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