Book recommendation list Part II

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Fri Mar 14 09:02:36 EST 2003

A longer-than-I-meant-it-to-be list of additions, divided into three groups
according to where I think you'd find them in a library (children's books,
YA, adult).  Based mostly on what I read aged 11-14.

Philip Ardagh		Britain
Helen Cresswell		Britain	I'd add _The Bongleweed_.
Peter Dickinson		Britain	I'd add _Merlin Dreams_ and 
						   _The Book of Dragons_.  
Nicholas Fisk		Britain
Maurice Gee			New Zealand	_The World Around the
						   _The Halfmen of O_ et
John Gordon			?Britain?	_The Giant Under the Snow_
Douglas Hill		Britain	The Last Legionary Quartet;
						   _Blade of the Poisoner_
						   _Master of Fiends_.
Victor Kelleher		Australia (at least by adoption)
J.P. Martin			Britain	_Uncle_ books.
Michael de Larrabeiti	Britain	The _Borribles_ trilogy.
Adele Geras			Britain	_The Tower Room_ et seq.
Nicholas Stuart Gray	?		_The Seventh Swan_; [1]
						   short story collections.
Geraldine McCaughrean	Britain	I'd add _A Pack of Lies_.
William Sleator		US		_Interstellar Pig_;
						   _The Boy who Reversed
						   _House of Stairs_;
						   _The Green Futures of
Lawrence Staig		?Britain?	_Dark Toys and Consumer Goods_.
Cynthia Voigt		US		_Jackaroo_ et seq.
Linda Woolverton		US		_Star Wind_.
Ray Bradbury		US		_The Illustrated Man_;
						   _The Silver Locusts_.
Philip K. Dick		US		I'd add his short stories.
Raymond E. Feist		US	
Craig Shaw Gardner	US
David Gemmell		Britain	_Legend_.
Mary Gentle			Britain	_A Hawk in Silver_;
						   _Golden Witchbreed_.
Barbara Hambly		US
Harry Harrison		US		I'd add the _Deathworld_ trilogy.
Simon Hawke			?US?		The Timewars series.
Rosemary Kirstein		?US?
L.E. Modesitt		?US?
Larry Niven &		US		_The Mote in God's Eye_;
Jerry Pournelle				   _Footfall_;
						   _Lucifer's Hammer_.
Frederik Pohl		US		_Gateway_ et seq.;
						   _Man Plus_;
						   _The Merchants' War_;
						   short stories.
Frederik Pohl &		US		_Wolfbane_;
C.M. Kornbluth				   _The Space Merchants_.
Eric Frank Russell	US		Short stories.
Sheri S. Tepper		US		The Marianne trilogy;
						   the True Game series.
Lawrence Watt-Evans	US		Ethshar series;
						   the Lords of Dus quartet.
H.G. Wells			Britain	I'd add _The War of the Worlds_
						   and the short stories.
James White			?		Sector General books.
Tad Williams		?US?

I'd recommend short science fiction stories in general: there are lots of
anthologies of the classics around, some actively aimed at teenagers.

And I'd like to second the recommendation of Geraldine Harris's Seven
Citadels quartet.  Appropriately, my copies have a cover quote from DWJ.

[1] Yes, Hallie, I have read it. :)  It's very good, although quite bleak in

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