On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Melissa Proffitt Melissa at Proffitt.com
Thu Mar 13 21:26:34 EST 2003

On Tue, 14 Mar 2006 10:53:27 +1100, Sally Odgers wrote:

>> But Carrot is so *adorable*!  Besides, I like Sally's suggestion of
>> Choumoulia.  I have no idea what it is, but it sounds good.
>It's an alternative name for Kale... my dad used to grow it to feed the
>cows. He is 6 ft 4 inches, and he could disappear into a good crop. My
>sister and I used to cut a fat section out of the stem and peel it, then
>crunch it up. It tasted mildly of cabbage.
>More info than you wanted?

No, very lovely, I can picture the crunchings and munchings.

>> Melissa Proffitt
>> (almost a Melanie, but mom found out it means "clad in darkness" or
>> thereabouts, so I ended up Greek instead)
>Honey Bee.

Yes, and with my middle name, I am Honey Bee Reborn.  I wonder what they
were thinking.

Melissa Proffitt

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

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