On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Otter Perry ottertee at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 13 19:24:27 EST 2003

Denise DeGraf wrote:

> I can't say it as "Aaron" either -- it's "Erin" in sound to me.  I'm
> starting to feel like perhaps I have a speech impediment, always unable to
> get this "ah" sound correct!  *snicker*  What other words have a similar
> "a" in them, so I can try to apply it to "Aaron"?  I'm trying "Ah-ron" but
> it sounds silly even if I just whisper it.

The aa in Aaron is pronounced like the a in cat.  
> What I think is sad is that nobody in my area (Northern California) can say
> "Denise" correctly, and most of them can't spell it either.  I'm almost
> confused at this point as to how to say it "correctly" because I've heard
> it mispronounced so often!  (Danice, Dennys, Dee-nice...one wouldn't think
> that it would be uncommon enough to mangle.)

Rule Number One:  Everyone pronounces their own name correctly.  

Therefore, however you pronounce it is correct.

But I'll tell you how I pronounce it.

Duh NEESE.  

Actually, that 'uh' is a schwa, so however your schwa sounds is
how you would say it.
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