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Thu Mar 13 13:04:14 EST 2003

On Thu, 13 Mar 2003 08:16:29 -0600, Ian W. Riddell wrote:

>And since we're getting picky :-)
>I know that this is nitpicky (and touchy), but, technically 
>Argentinians, Canadians, and Ecuadorians are American as well, not 
>just those folks who live in the US. Unfortunatley, there's not a 
>good adjective (USians?) for the citizens of the United States that 
>does not negate the existence of the millions of people who don't 
>live in that country.

<soft weeping in the corner>

No, there isn't a good adjective.  But everyone else has one, so how come we
can't have that one?  :)

Besides, I love Canadian authors.  I only just learned that, despite the
proximity in geography and language, it's not a given that Canadian authors
will be distributed in the US.  That bugs me, because I have this creeping
sensation that I'm missing out on good stuff without knowing.

>I know that it's touchy of my to bring this up and I know that people 
>on this list realize that Canada exists separately from the U.S., but 
>those of us raised as Canucks are a little paranoid when it comes to 
>being subsumed in "The Land of the Free". Call it an adverse reaction 
>to Manifest Destiny!

You are ALL so paranoid.  If we wanted your country we would have taken it
already--no, it was a joke!  A joke!  Stop hitting me!

>Could we perhaps refer to the country of origin (U.S., Canada, 
>Australia, Sweden) rather than using an adjective (American, 
>Canadian, Australian, Swedish)?

Here's what I'll do.  I'm not going to retroactively change anything now,
because it's a waste of effort on a draft list.  If future recommendations
come in with countries instead of adjectives, that's fine.  And on the final
list, I will include countries of origin instead--which actually makes more
sense anyway for a lot of countries.  And YES, we can break down the British
Isles into as many countries as you want, though I draw the line at
identifying authors by county of origin.

Melissa Proffitt

If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.

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