Book recommendation list Part II

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Thu Mar 13 09:19:57 EST 2003


>As for additions to the list, I tried to bear in mind that these were for YA
>readers - so I include some 'adult' writers known to be liked by some
>teenagers, and omit some children's writers whose appeal is mostly at the
>younger end of the spectrum. (Perhaps your hypothetical reader should be
>warned that only a couple of Dick King-Smith's vast output fall into the YA

I just deleted 3 additions, recalling this, and the YA audience, and 
then looked back over Melissa's list and saw The Worst Witch, which 
is much younger.  So as I've lost all track of who would be using 
this list to recommend what to whom, I'll just add away.

Michael Chabon,  Summerland   (American, but you know that)

Michael Hoeye, (American)

Eoin Colfer (that's pronounced like Owen, btw), Artemis Fowls 
(Irish, I'm pretty sure - certainly lives here)

Debi Gliori (British - seems to be writing in Scotland now, but don't 
know about actual nationality)

Frances Mary Hendry, (Scottish? )

(for the slightly older kids) Barry Hughart - (maybe adding him to 
the list will increase my chances of finding a copy of The Story of 
the Stone some day!)  (American)


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