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>Patricia Lynch was Irish (an awkward one; she was born (in
>Cork) under British rule, but lived to 1972, and anyway we claim people like
>Osc.Wilde, so...);

That's not even remotely awkward!  My dad was also born in Cork under 
British rule, but there is never *any* question but that he was an 
Irish writer.

>Kate Thompson has lived in England, the US, India and Ireland,
>but I can't find a reference to her nationality.

Nor I - although the info in her latest says 'travelled extensively 
in India', rather than lived there.  She's lived for over 10 years in 
Ireland now.

-Diane Duane has lived in Ireland for some years now, which might be 
relevant if potentially confusing.  Where was her latest book 
published, does anyone know?


>I'd at least separate the British Isles into the Irish Republic and the UK,
>or you may find that you've no sooner escaped the wrath of the Disappointed
>Dollmagers than you're set upon with a shillelagh/neatly-rolled umbrella.

The first part of your sentence is unarguably correct, but you have 
to realise that Ireland has kept up with the times, and a shillelagh 
would no longer be the weapon of choice for the attack.

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