Dorian and the demons

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Thu Mar 13 09:00:57 EST 2003

Dorian, some time ago:
>Dorian means "man from Doris (a Greek island)" which isn't terribly
>interesting, but I feel like it's *me*, far more than I ever did Grainne. 

But it's also a musical mode, and such a useful one!

I'm on a Spenser list, which is in the middle of an interesting debate on the demonically-inspired wet dream Redcrosse experiences in the first canto in the Faerie Queene (doesn't that make you want to go back and reread it? And Book Five helps so much with Hexwood, too). Anyway, I couldn't help being struck by this, from an eminent Spenserian:

"Does Redcrosse come down with a case of demons, or are the demons external even if still real?
According to the classical and Renaissance authorities I have been reading,
Archimago could also have tried the Lydian mode, to which the antidote is the
Dorian. Since Redcrosse seems to have a touch of melancholia (perhaps from
thinking to much, Ficino would say), medicinal music would have helped
him--but aborted the narrative, of course."

I had no idea that Dorian was an antidote to demons, but now I know I shall read her posts with even greater respect. ;)


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