Book recommendation list Part II

Ulrika Isacsson ulrika.books at
Thu Mar 13 07:47:31 EST 2003

> For Part II, I'd like to invite you all to review the list and see if
> there's anything I've left off--especially anyone who has recently joined
> the list.  Remember that the goal here is to recommend books that would be
> suitable/interesting to teenagers, though that's still a very wide field.
I'd like to add two names to the list.
Alison Uttley - Traveller in Time (or maybe it's A Traveller in Time...)
Geraldine Harris - Seven Citadels (a series)

I read and liked these books when I was a teenager, and they are also liked by friends that doesn't really like fantasy. Well, that's not completely true. I've lured the friend that likes the Uttley-book into reading and buying anything by DWJ (and Connie Willis) that she can get her hands on ... so that shows what a great introduction to the world of fantasy that book is!


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