Book recommendation list Part II

Charles Butler hannibal at
Thu Mar 13 04:22:22 EST 2003

> That's just my ignorant American attitude about everyone living in those
> islands being of one race and one culture.  You are, right?  ;)
> Seriously, I just put that when I know that someone is roughly from the
> British Isles but don't know to give them a more specific nationality.

I'd at least separate the British Isles into the Irish Republic and the UK,
or you may find that you've no sooner escaped the wrath of the Disappointed
Dollmagers than you're set upon with a shillelagh/neatly-rolled umbrella. If
you want to fine-tune the British stuff, I can add that Catherine Fisher is
Welsh. There's a lot of others I know to be English, but I'll have to look
at this later. And I'll guess by your rules you'll have to say that Susan
Cooper is American, since she's lived there since the mid-60's and wrote all
except the first Dark is Rising book there. (By the same token, my
dictionary tells me that T.S. Eliot and Henry James are 'British writers,
born in the USA'!)

It's Martin Waddell, by the way. And if you're doing pseudonyms, Lemony
Snicket is really Daniel Handler. Oh, and Gillian Cross is married to Martin
Cross, who's a Liberal Democrat.


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