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Thu Mar 13 01:21:37 EST 2003

In the early '90s, Laura Cecil gave permission for the passage sbout the
evacuation of children from London to the lesser-targeted countryside to
be incorporated in a CD-ROM from Attica Cybernetics. Feel free to cite
that CD-ROM about World War Two as a possible source of said passage.

There was a great deal of researching in the Imperial War Museum's varying
archives, and in the Public Records Office, but AC seemed to have a slight
problem with the fact that there was no free clip gallery of images or
any promotional pamphlets (I mean propaganda deployed within the War
period, of course). My project manager was slightly unhappy that although
some artists were safely deceased by that time, some were still alive and
some had passed the defence of their copyright onto their Estates before
koofering it.

I got to receive delightful letters from artistic Elders, happy to have their
works revivified in a new format. I don't think a single person I contacted
about use of their work (not necessary in any case where IWN truly held
the rights and had assigned them to AC) said "No", and I received bonus
"personal" telephone calls at work. and invitations to Exhibitions.

The CD was of course intended for educational purposes, so a younger native
of the UK might well remember having used it. I just liked the conflation
of my company's name, and being "exploited" by being designated Researcher
whilst receiving the salary of a mere copy editor.

Not exactly helping, as such, right?

Tanaqui, about to shift location ever so slightly within Oxford. Wish me luck.
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