Book recommendation list Part II

Ven vendersleighc at
Wed Mar 12 23:17:20 EST 2003

Dorian said
<Gillian Cross is married to an MP, so probably 
has British citizenship
through her marriage if not by birth (her books 
are all set in England);>

Do you happen to know which one, constituency or
party? Just out of idle curiousity.

<Vivien Alcock - British;>

She was married to thge late Leon Garfield and
I'm certain she's British.
<I know Arthur C. Clarke now lives in Sri Lanka, 
but I think he's British

I'm pretty certain he's kept his British

<Catherine Sefton's "In a Blue Velvet Dress" 
(sort-of ghost story).(British)>

Actulaly a man called Martin
Something-Like-Waddel. Apparently the publishers
thought his kind of fiction would sell better
with a female name. He's Northern Irish and I
definitly iinclude him amopng Irish writers. I
feel invclined to sort the Brits out into their
separate countries, but it's a bit late now so
I'll make a start with George MacDonald,

I'm wondering about the designation British. 


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