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Wed Mar 12 17:03:17 EST 2003

Nationalities: I missed these earlier -

Lucy M. Boston, Jenny Nimmo and John Christopher were/are British. (John C
was perhaps the only person to use my home town of Romsey, Hants, in a
fictional setting - for his Prince in Waiting trilogy. Unfortunately the
Romsonians are the barbarous villains of piece. Sigh...)
Also, Lynne Reid Banks is British not American (though she also lived in
Canada and Israel for a while)

As for additions to the list, I tried to bear in mind that these were for YA
readers - so I include some 'adult' writers known to be liked by some
teenagers, and omit some children's writers whose appeal is mostly at the
younger end of the spectrum. (Perhaps your hypothetical reader should be
warned that only a couple of Dick King-Smith's vast output fall into the YA

David Almond    British
Nina Beachcroft   British       Under the Enchanter
Kevin Crossley-Holland    British    The Seeing Stone, etc
Pamela Dean     American
Philip K. Dick        American    Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, etc.
Peter Dickinson    British         The Changes Trilogy, The Kin
Neil Gaiman        British (now in USA)    Coraline
Nathaniel Hawthorne    American    The short stories
Russell Hoban       American   Riddley Walker
M.R. James    British    Ghost Stories of an Antiquary (essential teenage
reading - or is this too far off-genre?)
Tove Jannson    Finnish
H.P Lovecraft       American        (too horrorific?)
Penelope Lively    British (though spent first 12 years in Egypt)
Geraldine McCaughrean    British    (I particularly like _The Stones are
Jan Mark    British        The Eclipse of the Century
John Masefield    British    Box of Delights, Midnight Folk
William Mayne     British        Earthfasts, Candlefasts, Cradlefasts
Jill Paton Walsh       British    A Chance Child, Knowledge of Angels
Mervyn Peake    British        The Gormenghast trilogy
Philippa Pearce    British        Tom's Midnight Garden
Edgar Allen Poe    American
Susan Price     British        The Ghost Drum, The Sterkarm Handshake
H.G. Wells    British    The Time Machine
Robert Westall    British
Sylvia Waugh    British    The Mennyms
T.H. White British (born in India)    The Once and Future King, Miss
Masham's Repose

I anticipate being woken in the stilly watches by the sudden remembrance of
other names...


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