On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Rebecca Ganetzky rganetzk at oberlin.edu
Wed Mar 12 08:10:35 EST 2003

>christian nutt danced around singing:
>>i also know a peter nguyen. people say "n'guyen" basically. (as 
>>opposed to "ing'uyen" i suppose.)
>Hmmm.  Here it is pronounced "new-yen" I believe, but I might be 
>wrong.  It might actually be "ing-yen" -- I'll have to pay more 
>attention next time roll is called in a large lecture.  (Over 40% of 
>students at Berkeley are Asian of one form or another, so you can 
>guess what our roll call sounds like.  :^)
I've heard new-yen, too, with a kind of breathy, 'h' sound in the middle.
Rebecca D. Ganetzky
"...and do not say that a thing is impossible to understand, for 
eventually it will be understood."-Rabbi Hillel
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