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Wed Mar 12 03:25:58 EST 2003

Last June I asked the list for assistance in compiling a list of books to
recommend to young adults who are just beginning to read science fiction and
fantasy.  I saved all the messages for a long time, until tonight I decided
that instead of going to sleep, I would compile the list.  What follows is
more or less the complete list of all the recommendations provided by list
members.  (I accidentally marked all of them read while I was deleting the
13,000 unwanted messages from my hard drive, and while I didn't have to call
Mr. Data Recovery, I might have missed a few.)

For Part II, I'd like to invite you all to review the list and see if
there's anything I've left off--especially anyone who has recently joined
the list.  Remember that the goal here is to recommend books that would be
suitable/interesting to teenagers, though that's still a very wide field.

I hope the table lines up okay; I don't actually know how one does it
properly.  "Specific Titles" just means that someone recommended a
particular book along with the writer, or sometimes un-recommended a
particular book.  I was very casual about it because I don't plan to worry
about titles much right now.  "Nationality" is there for the beginning of
Part III, which will generate sub-lists based on what is available in
certain countries.  For example, if I want Philip Reeve's _Mortal Engines_,
here in the US, I have to go to a lot more trouble than if I want Philip
Pullman's _His Dark Materials_.  I actually don't know where many of these
writers are from, and I've probably gotten some of them wrong, so please add
or correct anything there.  (Part IV, which is still very nebulous, will add
exhaustive title lists and possibly annotations.)

Thanks for all the help you've been on this.  For those of you who weren't
here at the time, this project was prompted by my tendency to go blank when
people ask for a good book recommendation--so in truth I'm just shamelessly
using all of you as my brains in a jar....

Melissa Proffitt

Books to recommend to beginning fantasy and SF readers

Author			Nationality	Specific Titles
Joan Aiken		British		"Dido" and "Felix" books
Isaac Asimov		American	
Vivien Alcock		?	
Lloyd Alexander		American
Lynne Reid Banks	American
T.A. Barron		American	Merlin series
John Bellairs		American	any
Lucy M. Boston		?		Green Knowe books
Frances Hodgson 	Burnett		British	Secret Garden
Ken Catran
John Christopher	?		three trilogies
Arthur C. Clarke	?		"Islands in the Sky"
Susan Cooper		British
Helen Cresswell		British		Moondial
Gillian Cross		?
Jane Louise Curry	British?	
Annie Dalton		?
Roald Dahl		British
Diane Duane		American
Edward Eager		American?
Sylvia Louise Engdahl	American
Michael Ende		German
Penelope Farmer		?		Charlotte Sometimes
Catherine Fisher	British
Paul Gallico		?		"Jennie"
Alan Garner		British
Roger Lancelyn Green	British	
Harry Harrison		American	Stainless Steel Rat
Robert Heinlein		American	juvenile novels
Zenna Henderson		American	"People" stories
H.M. Hoover		American
Delia Huddy		?		Time Piper
Monica Hughes		American?	Isis, etc.
Eva Ibbotsen		British		"Platform 13" et al
Diana Wynne Jones 	British
Norton Juster		?		Phantom Tollbooth
M. M. Kaye		?		The Ordinary Princess
Dick King-Smith		?		for young teens
Mercedes Lackey		American	rec. with care
Andrew Lang		British		Color Fairy Books
Louise Lawrence		?		SF
Ursula Le Guin		American
Madeleine L'engle	American
Gail Carson Levine	American	Ella Enchanted
C.S. Lewis		British		Narnia
Patrick Little		?		The Hawthorn Tree
Patricia Lynch		British?
Megan Lindholm		American	
Margaret Mahy		New Zealand
George MacDonald	British
Eloise Jarvis McGraw	American?	
Patricia McKillip	American	
Robin McKinley		American	NOT Deerskin
Jill Murphy		British?	Worst Witch
William Nicholson	British
Jenny Nimmo		?
E. Nesbit		British
Garth Nix		Australian
Andre Norton		American	early novels
Mary Norton		British		Borrowers books
Robert C. O'Brien	American
Sally Odgers		Australian
Pat O'Shea		?		Hounds of the Morrigan
Ruth Park		?		Playing Beatie Bow
Richard Parker		British?	The Old Powder Line
Maggie Pearson		?		Owl Light, etc.
Meredith Ann Pierce	American	Darkangel books
Tamora Pierce		American
Elizabeth Marie Pope	?
Terry Pratchett		British		Discworld
Philip Pullman		British
Philip Reeve		British		Mortal Engines
Emily Rhodda		Australian
Sally Rogers-Davidson	Australian?	Polymer
J.K. Rowling		British
Gillian Rubenstein	?
Fay Sampson		British (?)
Clifford D. Simak	?
Barbara Sleigh		?		"Carbonel" books
Sherwood Smith		American	Crown and Court Duel
Lemony Snicket		?		Baudelaire children
Caroline Stevermer	American	in print
Catherine Storr		?		Marianne Dreams
Rosemary Sutcliff	British?
Kate Thompson		?		"Switchers" trilogy
J.R.R. Tolkien		British		The Hobbit
Megan Whalen Turner	American	Thief/Queen of Attolia
Connie Willis		American	
Nothing of the Dog
Patricia Wrede		American	Mairelon and Dragons
Patricia Wrightson	?		Down to Earth
John Wyndham		British		esp. Triffids and Chocky
Jane Yolen		American	"Dragons" short stories bk

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