On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 15:14:31 EST 2003

--- Gili Bar-Hillel <abhillel at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Sallyo wrote:
> >They are now Ange and Pete
> Ferris-Smith-Jones-Fysher-Fry.
> I like the Spanish system, which is to keep both
> parents' surnames and only 
> switch to the paternal in the next generation. I was
> sponsoring a little 
> girl in Guatemala whose name, to my delight, was
> Elida Maritsa Cabrerra 
> Garcia. Cabrerra was her mother's maiden name,
> Garcia her father's name. Her 
> child's name would have Garcia in the one-but-last
> place.

I would propose that daughters keep their mother's
name rather than their fathers, that way the mother's
name is also passed down the generations. I have a
friend who  changed her name to her mother's maiden
name after her mother died. Caroline has also
considered it at times, adopting her mother's maiden
name of Gildea - a name that seems to have died out
(at least in that branch) - Hale will have the same
fate Caroline and her brother are the last two of
their branch of that family. While I am the only one
of my father's four children to have children of my
own my uncle has three sons (whom I have never met)

> I've kept my name, for both professional and
> emotional reasons. I am the 
> last of the Bar-Hillels (except for Bar-Hillels who
> are not related to me 
> but invented the name independently), the first of
> whom was my grandfather, 
> who generated it from his father's Hebrew middle
> name, Hillel. Bar-Hillel 
> means "son of Hillel". My grandparent had two
> daughters, both of whom kept 
> their names, but my aunt has no children. I have my
> mother's name as she 
> never married.
> I wish I could pass the name on to another
> generation, but this is one of 
> the very very few issues that Hemmy is adamant about
> - he wants his children 
> to bear his name. We almost never disagree, let
> alone argue, about anything, 
> but the name business is a big exception. I
> practically had to beg and 
> threaten to get his grudging agreement that we give
> Roi a middle name that 
> echoes my last name (he is Roi Hillel Semo). Hemmy
> thinks names should be as 
> short as possible. Now he is flatly refusing to give
> a middle name to 
> due-anyday-now-but-yet-unnamed-baby#2, claiming that
> Roi having a middle 
> name is a lot worse than he ever imagined. I have no
> idea what he's going on 
> about. I'm still hoping he will give in before we
> need to seriously fight 
> about this.

I always felt that people without middle names were
short changed by life, and was very jealous of a
friend who'd scored two middle names.


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