On changing names - about as OT as you can get

Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Tue Mar 11 11:43:53 EST 2003

> And on this topic, I'd like you all to consider the genealogists of the
> future when you're planning a name change.


Without intending insult to genealogists of the present (hey, any hobby 
that amuses you) I care as much about genealogists of the future as I do 
about book dealers of the future.

OK, the connection here probably exists only in my tangled mind...but a 
book dealer of the present recently complained about writers' habit of 
using word processors and tossing their early drafts into the recycling 
bin, thereby depriving him of manuscripts with pencilled annotations to 
sell. He really wanted us all to go back to typewriters and to suffer a 
lot with the physical process of producing clean revised drafts just so 
there'd be manuscripts around in the future. To which I had the same 
response: WHY?

I don't live for the benefit of genealogists of the future, book dealers 
of the future, or even literary scholars of the future, not that any of 
the last are likely to be real interested in my old mss.

It's a lot simpler. I didn't change my name when I got married because I 
was already old and crabby enough to be perturbed about the way many of 
my female friends from college days had vanished - if I wasn't around 
when they married and didn't make a note of the new name, they were 
unfindable. Since then I've discovered the side benefit that when I 
answer the phone and the caller says, "Mrs. Zoraster?" I know this is 
somebody who doesn't know me very well and who is probably selling 

Margaret Ball

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