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Tue Mar 11 10:02:18 EST 2003

Okay, at this point I'm not sure even I can make this on-topic, but I,
too, have never changed my name.  Although I went through a phase in
high school of deciding that I deserved the middle name (fight for it,
Gili -- not having a middle name means that you're always having to tell
people, "no, I really don't have one".  It gets old.), and alternated
between "Grub", "Gethsemane", and "Goat".

If I ever get married (unlikely) one condition will be both of us
changing our names to something new.  Genealogy is already nigh
impossible for we Jews of Eastern European immigrant stock, anyway.
"Kaplan" was "Kaplovitch" or something similar (changed in America),
"Weinberg" was (I am not making this up) "Devinitsky" (changed in
England) -- I guess sounding like a German Jew was classier than
sounding like a Russian Jew?  Nobody knows what the heck "Tatch"
(changed in Glasgow) was, and to whom we are related.  I have a working
theory that my aunt by marriage (born in Britain, but
non-Jewish-American father "Puckett" from Kentucky) is related to my
partner (mother a Puckett from Mississippi), which makes us
semi-hemi-demi-cousins, but we have as yet been unable to prove this.
(And on that note, I should add that
my-sister's-husband's-mother's-cousin's-cousin's-daughter is Catherine
Zeta-Jones, and my goal is to get to my partner in fewer degrees than
that.  Which will be hard, since we're alrady dealing with an aunt by

Okay, can I make this on topic?  I'm trying... I suppose I could start a
thread about how bizarre genealogy would be if Jamie in the Homeward
Bounders were to stick around in his future England and try to make a
life there...

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On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Melissa Proffitt wrote:
|And on this topic, I'd like you all to consider the genealogists of the
|future when you're planning a name change.  I have done enough searching to
|be grateful for my ancestors not being any more clever about their names
|than they had to be.  I only just learned why my maiden name (McShane) runs
|into a dead end back in the 18th century; that name derives from at least
|four different sources and in order to trace your ancestry any further, you
|have to know which one.  Amazing the things you can learn in Vegas.

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