On names, changing them, and pronunciation

johanna johanna at nobrandheroine.net
Tue Mar 11 09:24:03 EST 2003

> And Buffy's sister appears to be called 'Don', rather than 'dorn'

> This reminds me of the name "Tara" as in Buffy. When I first heard it I
> thought she was named "Terra" as in "Terra Australis". We pronounce Tara
> as Tar-a  (or Tah-a).

This amuses me, because I dislike it pronounced almost like "tear-a", & I
think they say it pretty much right on the show. ^_~ And I like their
pronunciation of Dawn too.

The whole thing about mispronouncing "Ian" I don't get, though... I mean,
I know there are two pronunciations (at least) but I've never seen anyone
mess 'em up. Seems pretty difficult to do. Then again--I suspect you don't
have these things happen within your hearing range much unless it's your
name! (like me & my 900000 mispronunciations of my name... whee!)


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