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Mon Mar 10 19:45:28 EST 2003

>Caroline and I kept our surnames when we married and
>we have never used anything else (she is Hale)
>although she answers to Mrs Noble and I to Mr Hale to
>strangers to avoid confusion (but only if its someone
>we'll never see again so there is no point in

You have to be careful with this one. My mother suffered agonies of 
embarrassment for years over not correcting one of my school friend's 
parents when they called her Mrs Starkey. It turned out they owned the 
local deli, and would address her by "name" every time she went there. The 
problem was that it got more and more impossible to imagine correcting the 
mistake as time went on.

>We seriously considered double surnames
>for our children but decided against it as both
>surnames could sound as both nouns and adjectectives -
>Hale-Noble and Noble-Hale being out they are just
>Noble, but they know they can use Hale if they wish.

I love the "Hail, Noble" option. How can they resist?

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