Congratulations to Becca!

hallieod at hallieod at
Mon Mar 10 13:46:43 EST 2003

>Becca's e-book PAINTED WITH SHADOWS has won this year's Eppie award in the
>"Young Adult" category. It was a tie with SPIRIT SINGER By Edward Willett.

Hey Tarja,

Thanks for the congratulations! It's really weird--you were the first 
person I heard it from, because I totally forgot which date the 
ceremony was on (I have no idea why, it was in my calender and 
everything) so I never checked the site, and everyone who went to 
Epicon didn't get back till later. My mom read your note to me. 
Thanks again and thank you for writing--if you hadn't I wouldn't have 
known till later and I would have gotten Very Confused, a state that 
would eventually lead to my own hideous downfall....

Thank you!
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