a plague of peacocks (was re: changing names)

christian nutt ferricide at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 10 13:39:24 EST 2003

>There's a great example of these in DWJ's story 'A plague of
>peacocks' which I found in a charity shop over the weekend. They
>get their comeuppance of course. Have other people come across
>this story? Seemingly she wrote it specially for a hundredth
>anniversary anthology in aid of the NSPCC - I can't tell if it has
>since appeared elsewhere. One for completists to look out for,

"a plague of peacocks" appears in everard's ride and warlock at the wheel, 
two US anthology books (both of which are out of print.) it's one of my 
favorite bits of DWJ. i originally lucked into WatW when i was around the 
target age (12 or so) and i laughed so hard at the line (i won't get this 
exactly right) "daniel emanuel took some nails and some rope down to the 
park to see if it hurt to be crucified."

i asked people about favorit DWJ short stories quite some time ago but i got 
a rather lukewarm response. personally i'm very fond of that and dragon 
reserve home eight. i lump DRHE in with hexwood in my mind kindasorta, 
although they don't have anything to do with each other directly.


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