On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Joe Joe.Nankivell at ucd.ie
Mon Mar 10 10:42:08 EST 2003

Jon, Robyn & others:

> > >'Wowserism'?
> > 
> > It is killjoyishness. You know, no drinking, no
> > swearing, no fun. I think 
> > you have probably experienced people with the
> > attitude, if not by that word.
> I'll just add that the word is actually an acronym for
> We Only Want Social Evils Righted.

There's a great example of these in DWJ's story 'A plague of 
peacocks' which I found in a charity shop over the weekend. They 
get their comeuppance of course. Have other people come across 
this story? Seemingly she wrote it specially for a hundredth 
anniversary anthology in aid of the NSPCC - I can't tell if it has 
since appeared elsewhere. One for completists to look out for, 

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