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Mon Mar 10 10:15:55 EST 2003

On Mon, 10 Mar 2003, Megan Knight wrote:

|Now, to take the final step and move this discussion completely off-topic.

I can make this on topic again.  Just watch me.  I am the mistress of
making everything on topic.

|My surname is Knight, my husband's is Hayes. We have kept our names for
|various reasons, for six years, but are starting to consider other options.
|(Loooooonng story). So, how do they soudn hyphenated, to you who have not
|been running the possibilities around in your heads for six years?
|Knight-Hayes, Hayes-Knight. I can no longer tell if they sound fine, or
|great or awful. And which one?
|Or should we just say sod it and change both our names to Dingwall-Fordyce
|or Psmith.?

personally, I am always in favor of both parties changing both names to
something new.  So (look, it's a stretch, but I said I could do it), I
think you should both change your last names to Chant.  Or maybe
Konstam.  He was a knight, kind of.

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