Names, advice

Charles Butler hannibal at
Mon Mar 10 04:51:12 EST 2003

> Knight-Hayes sounds rather poetic... Night-Haze..

But perhaps a bit too much like an air-freshener?

There are other options, of course, than purely anagrammatic ones. You could
combine related words ('Squirestraw' has a bit of a ring, I think). Or,
since your names suggest a picturesque combination of the bucolic and the
chivalric, you might like to adopt the name of a pastoral knight, like
Musidorus or Calidore. Megan Musidorus sounds great, IMHO.

(In a similar situation we seriously considered changing our family name to
'Cucumber' at one point, on the grounds that it was the only vegetable
everyone would eat. But inertia and family sentiment prevailed, with the
result that our family of 5 boasts 4 different surnames - another long

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