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Denise DeGraf mustang at
Mon Mar 10 02:33:42 EST 2003

Megan Knight danced around singing:
>So, how do they soudn hyphenated, to you who have not
>been running the possibilities around in your heads for six years?
>Knight-Hayes, Hayes-Knight. I can no longer tell if they sound fine, or
>great or awful. And which one?

I like the way both directions sound.  Just to throw another iron in the 
fire, perhaps each of you could do it in a different order, with natural 
surname first?
i.e. Megan Knight-Hayes and (Husband) Hayes-Knight  ...?

>Or should we just say sod it and change both our names to Dingwall-Fordyce
>or Psmith.?

LOL...I wonder if anyone has taken Chrestomanci as a surname yet.  Another 
fun alternative would be to use the good old fantasy lit method of 
name-sharing, and combine the two to create something like Kayes, Knyght, 
or Hayght.  *grin*

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