Names, advice

Megan Knight m.a.knight at
Mon Mar 10 02:18:21 EST 2003

Now, to take the final step and move this discussion completely off-topic.

I need some name-type advice, and it struck me that you literary types might
best be able to judge.

My surname is Knight, my husband's is Hayes. We have kept our names for
various reasons, for six years, but are starting to consider other options.
(Loooooonng story). So, how do they soudn hyphenated, to you who have not
been running the possibilities around in your heads for six years?
Knight-Hayes, Hayes-Knight. I can no longer tell if they sound fine, or
great or awful. And which one?

Or should we just say sod it and change both our names to Dingwall-Fordyce
or Psmith.?


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