On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Sun Mar 9 12:26:39 EST 2003

johanna danced around singing:
>Wow, you've just shattered my belief that people with more common names
>have much less difficulty with people mangling them. Denise seems pretty
>simple to me (er, "duh-NEESE," right? or "deh-NEESE," I suppose?).

Deh-neese.  :^)  People can't spell it correctly, either...they spell it as 
many weird ways as they say it!
They also mangle my middle name, Marie.  It should be "mah-ree" but some 
people say it "merry" with just one syllable...and my last name, DeGraf 
(dee graph, two syllables), often turns oddly into "dehgref" with one syllable.

>I had a boss named Tamara that pronounced it with an "are" sound instead
>of the more usual, & most people had to struggle to get it right. Also,
>people called her TAM-a-ra (whereas both of the other pronunciations are

That's interesting... I went to high school with a Ta-MAR-a, and that's how 
everyone said it naturally.  I've heard of people using alternate 
pronunciations for it, though.

>So basically what I'm seeing is that my mispronunciation woes may not end
>if I change my name to something simpler. Phooey!

Oddly enough, I automatically got your name correct.  *chuckle*  You could 
go for something *much* simpler, phonetic, and extremely 
common.  Unfortunately all of the names aside from "Christine" or "Terry" 
that I can think of in that category are masculine (Richard, Kyle, Chris)...

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