On names, changing them, and pronunciation

johanna johanna at nobrandheroine.net
Sun Mar 9 10:25:57 EST 2003

> What I think is sad is that nobody in my area (Northern California) can
> say  "Denise" correctly, and most of them can't spell it either.  I'm
> almost  confused at this point as to how to say it "correctly" because
> I've heard  it mispronounced so often!  (Danice, Dennys, Dee-nice...one
> wouldn't think  that it would be uncommon enough to mangle.)

Wow, you've just shattered my belief that people with more common names
have much less difficulty with people mangling them. Denise seems pretty
simple to me (er, "duh-NEESE," right? or "deh-NEESE," I suppose?).

I had a boss named Tamara that pronounced it with an "are" sound instead
of the more usual, & most people had to struggle to get it right. Also,
people called her TAM-a-ra (whereas both of the other pronunciations are

So basically what I'm seeing is that my mispronunciation woes may not end
if I change my name to something simpler. Phooey!


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