On names, changing them, and pronunciation

johanna johanna at nobrandheroine.net
Sun Mar 9 10:21:59 EST 2003

> The only Aaron's I've ever come across pronounced
> their name to rhyme with baron. I was once on another
> list that got into regional pronounciations and
> idioms, it was often quite suprising what quite
> seperate locations had in common.

That's it! I couldn't think of a good way to explain the pronunciation
before w/o using a word that would probably be pronounced differently in
different parts of the world... wait, is "baron" one of those or not?
Eeep--anyway, w/the "ahhh" sound like "apple" & with a tinge (or more!) of
the nasality associated with really heavy New York accents.

Do people pronounce "Carrie" & "Kerry" the same as well? That's another
thing I've run into occasionally & steadfastly refuse to do. It's those
obnoxious NY "a" sounds again.


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