On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Sun Mar 9 02:00:33 EST 2003

johanna danced around singing:
>Huh. I would always say Pah-rish--more like Paaah-rish, but not in a
>Bostonian way. It's my sometimes nasal (if I'm exaggerating it for comic
>effect) Northeast (possibly just NY) accent.

I think it'd be just the NY region, as according to him nobody in Vermont 
or the DC area uses the "ah" sound for his name.  Odd thing is, I believe 
his mother is from St. Louis, and she has no problem pronouncing it 
beautifully.  I'm not sure where his father was from, just that the name 
was borrowed from a surname of a guy in the South.

>*cough* OK. Pet peeve of mine. People who say "Aaron" & "Erin" the same. I
>grew up w/someone named Aaron & believe you me, it was always Aaaaaron.
>Not Eh-rin. There are two "a"s instead of an "er" there for a reason. ^_~
>No one not native to the NY metro area seems to believe me, though...

I can't say it as "Aaron" either -- it's "Erin" in sound to me.  I'm 
starting to feel like perhaps I have a speech impediment, always unable to 
get this "ah" sound correct!  *snicker*  What other words have a similar 
"a" in them, so I can try to apply it to "Aaron"?  I'm trying "Ah-ron" but 
it sounds silly even if I just whisper it.

What I think is sad is that nobody in my area (Northern California) can say 
"Denise" correctly, and most of them can't spell it either.  I'm almost 
confused at this point as to how to say it "correctly" because I've heard 
it mispronounced so often!  (Danice, Dennys, Dee-nice...one wouldn't think 
that it would be uncommon enough to mangle.)

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