Question: "High" concepts in Fantasy

Rosie Hopkins rosieburroughs at
Sat Mar 8 12:51:40 EST 2003

 --- "Dorian E. Gray" <israfel at> wrote: > Charlie said...
> > (And Dhaine from the Immortals books by Tamora Pierce is called
> > Dhana, for reasons that escape me).
> >
> > I suspect that's one for the Gaelic speakers amongst us....
> Hmph.  If that's meant to be an Irish word/name, it's in some case
> (or
> cases!) other than the nominative; that H is what's called a seimhu
> and is
> inserted into a word in certain cases (including the vocative) to
> soften the
> initial consonant.
> Without the seimhu, the word would be pronounced DAN-yuh, or possibly
> DAWN-yuh if there's an accent missing from the I.  With the seimhu,
> the word
> is impossible to render in English phonetics - try pronouncing the D
> as a
> hard G softened after the same fashion as the German or Scottish CH!
> Anyway, they probably made it Dhana as the easiest and closest
> approximation. :-)

Except in the English books she isn't Dhaine, but Daine, short for
Veralidaine. I just pronounce it "Dane".


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