On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Sat Mar 8 05:31:12 EST 2003

On Wednesday 05 March 2003 15:00, johanna wrote:

> For those of you who've changed your names, would you mind talking a
> little bit about it? Like how you arrived at your new name (as
> opposed to choosing something else)? 

When I converted to the Orthodox Church I thought that was a good 
opportunity to change my name - I didn't have to, the one I had was in 
the list of saints, but it's always permitted - and I started by making 
a list of names I liked, then looked up the relevant saints to see if I 
wanted to be associated with those people and got the list down to six 
or so. Then I tried the names on one by one - live for a few days as if 
I was called that. I found out that I wasn't an Elizabeth, worse luck, 
but I was very comfortable with Irina (slavic variant of Irene; I'm not 
Russian either by birth or culture but I was in a Russian parish at the 
time) and that's what it still is.


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