On names, changing them, and pronunciation

johanna johanna at nobrandheroine.net
Fri Mar 7 17:57:42 EST 2003

Thank you to everyone who shared stories of changing their names (& war
stories about their name & mispronunciations & such in general)! I didn't
know it was so common to do--how cool. Then again, maybe it's just among
sf/f fans that it's more likely. ^_~ Who knows? Anyway, I thought all your
stories were interesting & entertaining & comforting (if you can do it, so
can I, someday). Thanks.

Denise also pointed out:
> Heh...another element one might take into consideration is that if it's
> obviously "made up" then all future significant others will have to
> explain  the name to every friend/relative that hears about you, and put
> up with  (often good-natured) teasing.  I won't put my partner's full
> name as he's  sensitive about it being out on the web, but suffice to
> say answering "his  first name is from birth, but his surname is a chess
> piece and his middle  name was a character in an 80s American television
> show" gets me
> interesting looks at the very least.  People tend to say rude things to
> partners far more often than to a person's face!  I like his name, but
> when  I'm already having a long day, being prodded about it makes me
> want to drop  a Norton Anthology** on the person's head.

Yeah, I like a lot of names that are adapted from (or come directly from,
if not too overly outlandish) fantasy novels, but the thing is, to me they
all -sound- like they do. And I know I'd spend even more time & energy

And I agree w/you on people giving partners more guff--mine is named
Phredd (yes, spelled like that, & yes, he changed the spelling to
that--though not legally, yet) & coworkers & such have given me such slyly
snide comments about it--things they would never, I suspect, say to his
face. I'm w/you on the Norton treatment.


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