classification of Tough Guide?

Kale lskale at
Fri Mar 7 06:05:35 EST 2003

At 09:52 AM 3/7/2003 +0000, Charlie Butler wrote:
>I ordered this for the university library here, and they shelve it under 
>809.915, whatever that means.

Thanks Charlie, Jon, and Kylie for the numbers.  I'd tracked it
down to one library, only to find that while it was in their catalog,
the book itself had disappeared.  I think it had been checked out
six times and was last seen June 2001.  It was cataloged under
SF which was strange as I thought it would be in nonfiction.

Since it's still available through Amazon UK, I'm going to order
a couple of copies and see if my library will take a donation.
Whatever happens, at least I'll have my own copy and a loaner.

(who wonders what the best source for "Terry Pratchett: Guilty
of Literature" is)

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