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--- Irina Rempt <irina at> wrote:
> On Thursday 06 March 2003 16:42, Macrae-Gibson,R
> wrote:
> > I don't know if I could read a book that used my
> name.
> Someone gave me a book called "Irina" just after I'd
> changed my name to 
> that, and it was *horrible*, about a Baptist girl in
> Soviet Russia.
> When I encounter someone else with my first name who
> is not either 
> Russian or in the Orthodox Church or both, I'm
> mildly startled, like 
> when I saw a children's book written by Irina van
> Goeree (probably 
> pseudonymous).
> My kids have it too; when Rebecca read a book about
> a Jewish girl in 
> WWII, called Rebecca as well, she made a point of
> saying "that's not 
> me!"

I believe there is a US title called "The courage of
Sarah Noble" fortunately it doesn't seem to have made
it here as my Sarah has never had to endure seeing it
(because needless to say if it had we couldn't resist
embarassing her with it) for a long time her nickname
was Boris (don't ask) and every year someone in the
family would give her a Boris titled book - Boris the
Tomato is still a favourite of hers.


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