Bookcrossing (again)

hallieod at hallieod at
Thu Mar 6 16:40:35 EST 2003

Got my essay posted, got tons of housework to catch up on, got *two* 
old threads mouldering quietly to pick up on, BUT also managed to 
start a book ray (a book clusterette?) on Bookcrossing.  With Howl, 
Hexwood and Bridge of Birds.  <does excited shimmy>  And posted them 
all off today, without even realising it was World Book Day.  So 
happy WBDay everyone!

Hallie (who was born O'Donovan and will die that way, doubtless, 
having resisted two occasions for changing it.  Hallie Sheehy when my 
mother remarried just - no - and Hallie De La Rosa doesn't work 
either.  Besides which, I'd been critically taught to pronounce De La 
Rosa Just Right, and got fed up with being corrected.)

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