On names, changing them, and origins

Susanna E. Leng 98 Susanna.E.Leng.98 at Alum.Dartmouth.ORG
Thu Mar 6 14:40:04 EST 2003

In the spirit of names, pronunciation, and that, could anyone 
perhaps throw some light on my last  name?  (Leng)  I have been 
told that my grandfather's origins are from Great Britian, but half the 
telemarketers that call me are speaking some unknown (to me) 
Asian language.  I don't look at all Asian, which is often a shock to 
people who have only seen my name on some roll call before they 
meet me.  Have any of you heard of this surname before?  I'm very 

(And as per name changes, I've never been tempted, having 
realized at a very early age that getting people to call me by either 
of the two versions of my name (Susie or Susanna) that I accept is 
hard enough.  Elementary school teachers who insisted on calling 
me Susan until I refused to answer;  friends who shorten it to Sue, 
which is also not me at all.)  My sympathies to those of you still 
dealing with such stupid adults.

-Susanna  (no 'z', 'h', or 'e', and two 'n's.)
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