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Thu Mar 6 13:22:32 EST 2003

Sorry it took me so long to get back on this subject – my server got shut 
down for almost two days.

>Do you read ASCII IPA? I think it's ['jERp@]. And I'm mostly Dutch,
>though my grandfather used to say that his great-grandfather came from
>Denmark, floating on an anchor.
>    Irina

I don't, sadly, so I can't tell for sure if you're right or not. It looks 
fairly right, though.

>HYARE-puh is my best guess, but maybe I'm off due to relying on German 
>pronunciation rules. Hyare like hare and puh like uh or er, depending on 
>how you want to spell a schwah.

>Helen Schinske (one-sixteenth Norwegian, not sure if that's enough to 

Close, but not quite. The H is mute. (In Swedish, the first letter in a word 
where the second letter is j tends to be mute.) And I'd say "eh" or "ay", 
not "uh", but that's just beyond picky.

To complicate things more for foreigners, there's a stress on *both* the 
syllables, although slightly stronger on the first. So in most languages it 
would, properly pronounced, sound like two words: Yare Pe. (Think "Go! Go!")

Hey, that looks remarkably like some slightly Asian fantasy name.

Oh, and Kyla? The spelling is Hjarpe with two dots over the a – I suspect 
that's what causes the problem.


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