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Thu Mar 6 13:14:48 EST 2003

I've never done a formal name change, myself. Just dropped an apostrophe from 
my last name from everyday use. It had no business there and was probably 
foisted off on us by some ignoramous in authority, in the first place. 
(O'Dell, is NOT a patronymic. It is a -literally- textbook example of the 
bogus.) The apostrophe is still on most of the official documents, so far as 
I know. (ALthough not on my driver's license.)

I have always rather disliked both my first name, Joyce -which is one of 
those names that *never* works out as the child's parents intended*- or my 
middle name, Lynn, which is a bit excessivly common (the sort of name that 
gets plugged in anywhere whenever you can't think of anything better). But I 
never really found anything that I liked significantly better than them to 
the point of making the effort to switch. Neither of my names really lends 
itself either to nicknames (apart from the ubiquitous tacked-on "eee" sound 
at the end, which I refused to accept) or to taunts (not that it wasn't trie
d, but even the perps could never really put much conviction into it). So 
they have proved to be servicable, if unlikable.

* Parents who inflict names like Joy or Joyce upon their daughters almost 
invariably seem to think that they are ensuring that the kid will have a 
"joyful" nature. Whereas, so far as I can tell, I have never met one of 
either who was an intrinsically happy person, and in most cases, in fact, 
they were markedly otherwise. Often discernably more so than the general run 
of people.

In the case of the "Joy"s there is frequently a religious component involved 
in the parents' decision as well. Most people somehow tend to overlook the 
fact that this is yet another one of those "virtues personified" names like 
Mercy or Faith.
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