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I'm with you on this one! I've said this before but my sister's name & my one of my brothers' names appears in Archers Goon. Much as I love DWJ, I don't know if I could read a book that used my name. Because it's not just a name, it's me. And noone else is allowed to use it, so there. N'yah. And coupled with my surname I do tend to stand out a bit. Quite frightening to do a google search on, as well! 
Some people just can't spell names, no matter if you repeat them, or give them official ID from which to copy. Even my mother's maiden name (another double barrelled name beginning with M) is spelt wrong on my birth certificate. If I'm leaving dry cleaning or getting shoes repaired etc, I usually just use Gibson, because people can't cope with the whole lot, and they certainly have trouble spelling it. Then of course they can't spell Gibson, which really isn't an unusual name. So I've tried with my partner's surname, Baker, and you'd be surprised just how many people can't spell that, either, and it's certainly not an unusual name or word!

Yet another reason for agreeing with the Mound People & Dorig that knowledge of someone's name gives you power over them. 


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 My only quibble is that too many other people are using *my* name.
This is one of the problems with growing up with an unusual name--it
becomes *yours*. My friends named Catherine and Jennifer and Amy don't
have this problem.

Life is just one damned thing after another.
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