On names, changing them, and pronunciation

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> A quick check on the net reveals that the term Black
> Maria was also used for police vehicles in the US at
> once stage ... I always grew up calling them
> (police waggons) Paddy waggons ...  but was very familiar with
> the UK use from brit crime shows on TV (still have
> fond memories of Z cars although there for some reason
> they called police cars pandas iirc). 

Because they're black and white. (You may ask, so why not call them zebras
or penguins? Aha! I say. Because a zebra is a road crossing- marked with
white stripes- and a Penguin is a chocolate biscuit. Simple when you know :)
If someone said "panda car" most people would know what they meant but these
days they're mostly just called police cars AFAICT.
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