On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Denise DeGraf mustang at sonic.net
Wed Mar 5 23:48:15 EST 2003

Dorian E. Gray danced around singing:
> > But I have trouble choosing a name that I think fits me w/o being too
> > pretentious or silly.
>As in my adolescent choice of "Dracula". :-)

Heh...another element one might take into consideration is that if it's 
obviously "made up" then all future significant others will have to explain 
the name to every friend/relative that hears about you, and put up with 
(often good-natured) teasing.  I won't put my partner's full name as he's 
sensitive about it being out on the web, but suffice to say answering "his 
first name is from birth, but his surname is a chess piece and his middle 
name was a character in an 80s American television show" gets me 
interesting looks at the very least.  People tend to say rude things to 
partners far more often than to a person's face!  I like his name, but when 
I'm already having a long day, being prodded about it makes me want to drop 
a Norton Anthology** on the person's head.

**For those lucky enough to be unaware: this is a series of 1,800+ page 
anthologies that English majors at my school must read (and typically 
bring) for required classes.  There's the American Lit, British Lit, 
Women's Lit, Poetry, and zog knows what else at this point...  I like to 
joke that they're priced by weight and double as a handy murder weapon; 
after a few hours of toting one around in my backpack, it sure *feels* like 
it is heavy enough.

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