On names, changing them, and pronunciation

Ven vendersleighc at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 5 22:54:51 EST 2003

Some of you will already have heard how I got my
name and I suppose most of the rest will have
guessed I wasn't born with it.........

I had a close knit set of friends at secondary
school (All girls btw). Early on we started
marking ourselves out by aquiring or taking new
names. At first a couple of my mates took the
names of male pop stars, that these were guys
they fancied didn't stop the risque rumours of
gender bending! (Iit was Glam Rock time so this
was rather fun)  Only one of the popstar names
stuck, then a couple of people did their names
backwards, one announced that she WAS Gandalf and
had the charisma to carry it off, another was
dubbed Dinsdale (dIIIIIIInsdale Pirana from Monty
Python) and Jerumy, the first to remname herself,
came into school one morning and told me she had
a dream in which she could only call me Vendersly
and began to do so. It got commuted to Venders,
then Ven (only special people can call me Vennie)
and I decided on the bloody awkward spelling
which I'm saddled with today -- Vendersleigh. 

Now I'll confess the name on my birth
certificate, it's Wendy Elizabeth, not so bad
except that my older brother is Peter and my
parents WERE thinking of Peter Pan. It may well
have been reading the book that put me off Wendy,
but as soon as i got my new oneI gladly cast the
old one off.

Top tip on changing one's name: if people persist
in using the old one you will just have to ignore
them. I had this problem when I first started
work, before I changed my name on my
documentation. Rude as it was to ignore people,
it was just as rude of them not to call me by my
preferred name (it was always patronisinng men
who would say "Well, I'M going to call you
Wendy." Of course by then I was so unused to
"Wendy" meaning me that they might as well have
said "Torquil" or Beelzebub " for all the
attention I'd pay (actually I suppose I might
have looked round to see who on earth was called
Torquil or Beelzebub)......... 


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