On names, changing them, and pronunciation

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Wed Mar 5 22:18:15 EST 2003

Charles said

>> Police vans.  I've never heard of the card 
I meant to say about the card game (and then I 
promise I'll shut up and go
and spend some quality time with my children, 
etc.). I think it's  a bit
like Old Maid where the object is NOT to end up 
with the Queen of Spades
(Black Maria).  It goes by several other names 
too, some rather rude. This
seems to have more relevance than police vans to 
DWJ's story, anyway. And of
course she used a card reference in at least one 
of her other titles (Minor

The commonest name for the card game is Hearts,
the object is to play for tricks (like whist) but
not to win any hearts and especially not the
Queen of Spades. Another polite name is Find the

Charlie your connection of the card game with the
book has given me one of thos "Doh!" moments.
It's so obvious now you come to mention it.

Otter said

3.  In answer to your question, some would say 
'ma-RI-ah' and some would
say 'ma-REE-ah'.  I say 'ma-RI-ah' for the title 
of this book, but 
otherwise it depends.  The Maria is 'ave Maria' 
is ma-REE-ah, and
generally people named Maria pronounce it that 
way.  In the song 
'they call the wind Maria', it's very definitely 
'ma-RI-ah'.  But
the name of one of Columbus's ships is the 'santa


I change not only the stress but the vowel sound,

Ma-ree-ah, but Mo-RI-ah, where the vowels
corespond to the UK RP pronunciation of cat and
cot. However my reading of alt usage english has
informed me that many english speakers do not
hear these sounds as distinct though I swear I do
pronounce them differently!


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